Thank you for your interest in Top Wire Ranches natural grass fed angus beef! Simply call 406-672-6010 or send an email to order a whole, half or quarter beef. Our quarters are evenly split from a half beef.

We deliver the beef to our Montana state inspected facility in Billings, MT. Once we know the hanging weight, you pay us by the pound for the amount you want. You work directly with the processor on how you want your beef cut and wrapped.

After 14 days of cure time, your beef is cut and wrapped and you pay the processing fee based on the weight. The cost $2.75 per lb. on the rail and 70 cents per lb. for processing based on rail weight.

We are currently taking orders for beef that will be ready this fall and we do require a $100.00 deposit.

Please call for current pricing.



Have your order processed specifically to your family’s taste. You can choose your packaging and amounts of steak, roasts, lean hamburger, ribs and more. We highly recommend ensuring that the processor you choose is Montana state inspected and certified.

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