Grass Fed is Better!

No Antibiotics

U.S. livestock producers use about 24.6 million pounds of antibiotics annually for “nontherapeutic” purposes (growth promotion and disease prevention) as opposed to treatment of disease. In cattle, just like in humans, overuse of antibiotics promotes the growth of antibiotic resistant strains of diseases. The very thing that is keeping “factory farm” cattle healthy now can potentially be developing diseases that we won’t be equipped to handle in the future. Top Wire Ranches beef are raised in the open range of Montana and do not require antibiotics to keep them healthy.

Hormone Free Beef

Top Wire Ranches is dedicated to bringing you top quality beef without the use of growth hormones. 90% of beef producers in the United States use growth hormones to improve yield from their cattle. While the FDA has approved its use, Canada and Europe have banned them due to health concerns. Studies have linked hormones in beef to increased rate of cancer in humans and most cattle do not respond well to the treatments.

The cattle at Top Wire Ranches benefit from the clean Montana air and fresh water available, resulting in a more fit herd that doesn’t require growth hormones or antibiotics to grow big and healthy. With Top Wire Ranches, when you eat one of our steaks you get a rich flavorful cut of meat, without any additives that may be harmful to your health.